Month: October 2014

If you are looking to try your shot at running a business you could build one from scratch or you could buy an existing business. You may not know it but there is probably a small business for sale in your city, just waiting for your offer. But how do you find them? How do you know what they’re worth? How do you know you’re going about the process the right way? This article will help you answer these questions and more as you embark on your search for the right business for your needs.
Start by considering what you have to work with. You need to buy a franchise that works with your skills and interests if you want to reach your full potential. Think about what sort of industry you would like working in for the next decade or two. You also need to consider how much money you have to work with whether you are going to take out a loan or invest your own money into the purchase. A relatively clear budget is the quickest way to narrow down your selection once you start looking, if a business is over your budget cross it off the list and move on.
Contact a business broker to help you find all of the businesses for sale that you can find. While there are other ways to find people looking to sell their business there really is no option better than going with a broker. They have the kind of connections you need if you want to be confident about your final selection. You want your search to be exhaustive and since most owners don’t like to advertise the fact they’re selling it’s easy to miss deals that could be gold mines.
Think long term. The number one trait found in almost all successful entrepreneurs is the ability to delay gratification, to look beyond today to the world of tomorrow. Once you decide what sort of field you’re planning on entering it’s time to read up on the market trends. If there’s a new technology emerging thatcould replace what a business is doing then you might want to reconsider buying it. You should also look at the local trends, if there are a lot of fast food restaurants opening in the area then you should be considered about buying your own just as it starts to lose market share. You won’t be able to see everything that’s coming down the road but you should at least do as much research as you can so you aren’t walking into a deal under the assumption that things can only get better. 
Leave nothing up to chance if it can be helped. You need to do as much homework as you can. Don’t just assume that the only cost is the purchasing price, consider what you’ll have to pay for rent, labor, taxes and more. Once again a business broker can help here because they know the market for businesses and have a sense of what you need to look out for. Buy the time you walk into your newly purchased store you want to know almost as much about it and its industry as the old owner did. To put it in a sentence, start broad and narrow in until you’ve found the exact approach you want to take. What is it worth knowing all you need to know about businesses before entering into something you might regret in the end.