Day: September 27, 2017

Time is my biggest enemy, storage space, or rather the lack of it comes in as a close second. I am always rushing to get a thousand difference things while the kids are at school or cracking my brains figuring out where to store their hockey gear when it’s time for the mufflers and mittens to come out. That is why I am in love with the fact that we invested on a portable storage unit. It saves me a lot of trouble and preserves the peace at home.I don’t want to sound a sexist but men are by far messy creatures than us women .Living with one grown man and two boys who exhibits that they have inherited nothing less from their father, I always find myself cleaning and picking up after them. I swear they always choose the sports with the most equipment just to spite me. A bit much you think? Well it remains that there is a lot of sports gear in our house. I’m not about that. 

The good portable storage system has certainly made life easier as now tasks that I considered tedious are made easy with it. Travelling and family coming over to stay is something I look forward to more as I don’t have to drill my braining trying to remember where I stacked the luggage or the extra linen.My cousin who lives in the southwest of Melbourne tells me self-storage prices in Geelong, the city she lives is very economical and that each of them including my aunt Marge has one. In fact Aunt Marge has two. Since they come with the option to be portable she has stored away everything she needs for when she goes away for camping during the autumn. So camping is now literally a breeze! To her at least.

Self storage Geelong are safe and secure. The units are built from structural pine preventing damages during both delivery and storage. They are also fully lockable and keys to it will only be in the custody of the owner ensuring that anything inside is kept protected and private. Employees of self-storage facility do not get access to the belongings, this ensures only the owner or tenant has access to their belongings. The floor area in all facilities are Concreted and the rest of the building is made as per modern architectural notions with the aim to make the customer feel as ease. The fact that the facility is monitored by security personnel day in and, in addition to the surveillance security cameras allocates very little opportunity of theft and burglary.