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Natural resources are getting depleted at a fast rate and the most likely scene in future will be depending on renewable sources of energy like sun, wind and water. Among these three, optimum utilization of the sun’s energy has already begun with the help of which solar systems are manufactured and used.

Such systems utilize sun’s heat energy to heat up things or do mechanical work. Solar energy has long been a topic of debate among people regarding its efficiency and invention of solar systems has answered the question aptly. This in turn will exert less pressure on the usage of non-renewable sources of energy and they can be saved for the future generations.

Conversion of solar energy:

solar_panels2Solar energy cannot be used as it is means there has to be a medium which will transfer the heat energy to other forms of energy. This medium is generally known as a solar panel and it is available in the form of a flat piece of sheet that spread in a large area.

It is made up of silicon metal which is responsible for absorbing the heat energy and then converting it into electrical or mechanical energy. The panels are built in open spaces on roofs and the electricity generated from these panels is used to drive electric items like computers.

Application of solar energy:

Solar hot water systems are the perfect example of solar energy application where the heat of the sun is used to increase the temperature of water. The mechanism involves concentrating sun’s heat on solar collectors and then connecting the same with the water tank. The heat passes through the solar collectors and eventually heats up the water of the storage tank.

Two types of systems are available- active and passive. The former one is more effective whereas the latter one depends on speed with which water flows and gravity. The biggest advantage of using such a system is that you can cut on use of electricity.

Dual usage:

Another such example of solar energy application is solar hybrid systems where two sets of solar systems are used in order to raise the efficiency of working. One system is that of photovoltaic system and the other is of hot air. First one provides electric supply to electrical appliances and the second one is used to supply warm air in office rooms or houses during winter season through ducts. In a nutshell, this system is immensely useful as it uses the heat of the sun with the help of solar panel as well as the hot air underlying beneath the panel. Check here for unique solar systems in Hervey Bay.

Commercial application of sun’s heat:

Be it a small or a huge organization, solar energy has the capacity to heat the entire space. So if this energy is exploited wisely then the non-renewable resources will be saved to a large extent. Many companies are adopting commercial solar systems in order to save money for future, that is, they need not pay any electricity bill. Being eco-friendly in nature the brand name of the company may rise in the eyes of customers. The best part of using it is that they are steady, safe and can be used for many years without caring for periodic maintenance.