Oceanic Views

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You know where I want to build my dream home? On the beach somewhere in Perth. Why Perth? Because Perth is renowned for its miles and miles of beautiful white sandy beaches; a total of 19 beaches in Perth alone along a coastline of 20,781 kilometres.Imagine the kilometres I could walk just on the beach alone if I wanted some exercise. That was exactly what I did when I lived in Perth many years ago. I walked with some friends from Trigg Beach all the way up to Hillarys Beach; a total of 7.7 kilometres (1.5 hours walk) one way. When you are lucky enough to own a house by one of these beaches, you want a house that gives you maximum ocean views. My former boss was one such lucky person. He owned a big house on City Beach. When he built it, he had ocean views in mind, so he asked the architect to design the house with glass on the entire exterior of one side of the house. This gave him 180 degree views of the ocean. And what a stunning view it was. 

My boss together with his builder worked with the commercial glazier to come up with the most energy efficient glazing option for the glass exterior of that house. They decided on a energy efficient glass to save on energy consumption and make the temperature in the house more comfortable especially in the summer and winter months. The Melbourne glazier installed and replaced glass in both domestic and commercial buildings. They stocked an extensive range of glass such as laminated glass, clear glass, obscure glass, toughened glass, shop-front glass, heater glass, mirror glass, residential glass, tinted glass, coloured glass, security glass, noise reducing glass and energy efficient glass such as the ones installed at my boss’ house. Even though my boss used a relatively cheap glazier, his work was still of the highest standard because us was a professional who was trained to install and replace glass to Australian Standards and in accordance with building codes.

Not only does this commercial glazier install new glass, he also replaces old or broken glass. About a year after my boss moved into his beachside house, his house was burgled one evening when he and his wife were out at a social function. The burglars got into the house by breaking a few of the glass panes. The broken glass became a safety hazard and security concern. Lucky for my boss, the glazier was able to replace the broken glass with new glass. They even took away his broken glass for him. My boss had itchy feet after three years and started looking for a new house. His wife was reluctant to move and I don’t blame her because every day feels like a holiday when you can see the beautiful beach through those glass windows.

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