The Certificates Your Company Needs And Why

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You most likely might have heard of the word ‘ISO’. The word stands for the ‘International Organisation for Standardization’, which is a non-profit international organization based in Switzerland. The organization is basically the leading institution in the world that provides standards of performance in over twenty thousand different aspects and fields: from food safety to technological standards, the ISO has everything covered.Amongst the more popular ISO certifications are the ISO 9001 standard, which is the quality standard, and the ISO 27001 standard, which is the risk management standard.

The former addresses the quality of the processes in your company, whereas the latter attempts to improve performance and profits by minimizing potential risks the company is facing. Whilst it might sound somewhat weird to pay to get a certification for quality standards in your company, ISO certifications can open up many new pathways and advantages to your company that were not available before. This is the principal reasoning behind getting an ISO certification. To help you further understand, here are some of the advantages of ISO standards:

  • Opens up new business opportunities – whether you obtain your risk management certification online or physically, the fact does not change that a company with a risk management standard is more trustworthy than one that does not. What you need to understand is that there are many high-level companies and industries which refuse to be partners – either suppliers or clients – of a business that does not meet certain standards with regards to their work and business ethics. These companies undergo rigorous testing and maintenance to uphold their own standards, and therefore demand the same of their partners. By obtaining certifications, you will be able to open up new opportunities with such partners – a feat that was impossible previously.
  • Better consumer satisfaction – the ISO 9001 standard refers to quality, and by that, the entire procedure, as well as the service or product itself, is tested for rigorous quality standards. The end result of such an audit is that your company can provide that specific good or service more efficiently, at a better quality and more consistently. There is obvious profit for your company in this, but the principal point to gain from this is that your consumer base will obviously more satisfied with the company. And better consumer satisfaction automatically translates to better revenue.
  • Improving internal performance – it is not only the consumers that benefit from such standards. Even the company employees can reap a lot of advantages thanks to the better efficiency and quality of the company. You will be able to record less waste in terms of funds, energy and resources, as well as improve production times, quantity and quality. A company that continuously performs at a high level can improve the morale of its employees and thereby boost productivity further.

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